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How to Make Progress Bars Feel Faster to Users

1. Use Backwards Moving Ribbings 2. Increase the Number of Pulsations 3. Accelerate the Progress and Avoid Pauses at the End 4*. Progress Bar Time is Relative –VIA uxmovement Advertisements

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How the Post is improving site performance (32.4% improvement)

The Post improved their page speed by 32.4%.    

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3 white lies behind Instagram’s lightning speed

Instagram Always Pretends To Work Loading Content Based On Importance, Not Order Anticipating The User’s Every Move VIA – fastcodedesign

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Web Performance Improvements can be Beautiful too – Crate and Barrel Example

From a WPO (Web Performance Optimization) perspective the engineering team did a fantastic job at: Combining images with CSS sprites Reducing the number of third party tags, and loading the tags after document complete. Adding proper expiration headers to assets Relying … Continue reading

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Google releases +1 button preview – loads 20% faster

Reducing the size of the js/plusone.js loader and making the code smarter, page elements now load 20% faster.

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“Speed Index” introduced as new performance metric

The Speed Index metric was added to WebPagetest in April, 2012 and measures how quickly the page contents are visually populated (where lower numbers are better).  It is particularly useful for comparing experiences of pages against each other (before/after optimizing, … Continue reading

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6 Essential PPC Landing Page Optimizations

1) Pre-Populate Cursor 2) Eye Contact 3) Testimonials 4) Point of Action Assurances 5) Match Headline with Intent 6) Drive a Single Call-to-Action

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