How to Make Progress Bars Feel Faster to Users

1. Use Backwards Moving Ribbings
2. Increase the Number of Pulsations
3. Accelerate the Progress and Avoid Pauses at the End
4*. Progress Bar Time is Relative

–VIA uxmovement

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How the Post is improving site performance (32.4% improvement)

The Post improved their page speed by 32.4%.



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3 white lies behind Instagram’s lightning speed

  1. Instagram Always Pretends To Work
  2. Loading Content Based On Importance, Not Order
  3. Anticipating The User’s Every Move

VIA – fastcodedesign

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Web Performance Improvements can be Beautiful too – Crate and Barrel Example

From a WPO (Web Performance Optimization) perspective the engineering team did a fantastic job at:

  • Combining images with CSS sprites
  • Reducing the number of third party tags, and loading the tags after document complete.
  • Adding proper expiration headers to assets
  • Relying on “Text” in place of images when possible
  • Minification of JS and CSS files

—VIA Blog

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Google releases +1 button preview – loads 20% faster

Reducing the size of the js/plusone.js loader and making the code smarter, page elements now load 20% faster.

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Thinking Async for 3rd party JavaScript

Third-party JavaScript should be loaded asynchronously, as it helps avoid slowdowns and can speed up page loads.

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How Bazaarvoice is helping with front end optimization?

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