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1st million is the hardest

T. Boone Pickens owned Drake on Twitter For the record, Picken’s net-worth is $1.4B vs $16m for Drake.   Advertisements

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Images – Future of Google & Facebook

Robin Sloan has a great post of importance of images for both Google and Facebook: The first one you know. What you might not know is just how completely central photos are to Facebook’s product, and by extension its whole … Continue reading

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How does Google use sitemap?

A Google employee answered this on Stack Exchange. Find the number of indexed URLs for your website: These statistics are recalculated daily and very accurate. You can find these in the Sitemaps detail page. Discover canonicalization issues: If the numbers there don’t match up, … Continue reading

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Facebooks’s Page Admins update

Facebook Finally Lets Page Admins Schedule Posts, Have Different Roles Here is the break down:

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Analytics – Self Learning A/B test

Most companies today spend time doing A/B testing to optimize the site for better conversion.  However,  Steve Hanov has a better way to approach this problem in his latest blog post. Decision optimization is the next step in A/B testing.  … Continue reading

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Twilio’s 9 values

Twilio’s 9 values

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What Technology do Y Combinator companies use?

What Technology do Y Combinator companies use?  Buildwith has the answer: Ads: No clear winner (Adroll 8.82%, Adsense 5.15%) Analytic: Google Analytics is clear winner (GA 77.21%, Mixpanel 9.56%) CDN: AJAX Libraries API 25%, CloudFront 19.12% CMS: WordPress 4.41% Frameworks: … Continue reading

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