Malcolm Gladwell’s concepts from Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers

The Tipping Point #1: Law of the Few — How a disproportionate few affect so many
The Tipping Point #2: Connectors — People with an extraordinary knack for connecting people and ideas
The Tipping Point #3: Mavens — They know, they tell, people listen
The Tipping Point #4: Salesmen — You want what they are selling, whatever it is
The Tipping Point #5: The Stickiness Factor – Why some ideas stick
The Tipping Point #6: The Power of Context — We are exquisitely and unknowingly sensitive to ambient influences

Blink #1: Thin Slicing — How a little bit of knowledge goes a long way
Blink #2: Analysis Paralysis — Information overload is worse than too little information
Blink #3: The Secret Life of Snap Decisions — What they say about us can make us squirm
Blink #4: The Delicate Art of Mind Reading — And why a face can say more than words ever could

The Outliers #1: The Matthew Effect — Talent is one thing, luck is another
The Outliers #2: The 10,000-Hour Rule — It’s less about natural talent and more about how much time you put into developing a talent
The Outliers #3: The Trouble With Geniuses — IQ is not enough to succeed


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