Mainstreaming of Electric Cars – Better Place vs Tesla

Telsa: High End luxury vehicle  ($98K for Model S Signature)

Better Place: completely redefining the business model of cars.

there are two main reasons electric vehicles haven’t yet captured the mainstream: the battery is too damn expensive, and driving range between time-consuming recharges has been way too limited. Better Place addresses both issues in a novel way,  separating battery ownership from vehicle ownership while building a network of quick battery switching stations that allow for long trips with very short refueling stops.

Owners of the Better Place cars we’re starting to see on Israeli roads choose among six different monthly plans based on the distance they drive. It’s like buying voice and data service plans from your cell carrier, completely separate from your mobile device. The plans are priced 25-30 percent below the cost of driving a typical gas-powered car. And should oil prices collapse, Better Place says they’re prepared to renegotiate any existing contract.

—via Pando Daily



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