How does LinkedIn’s recommendation system work?

Abhishek Gupta gave a presentation on this and also posted it on Quora:

‘Think Platform, Leverage Hadoop’ is our core message.

With terabytes of data flowing through our systems, generated from member’s profile, their connections and their activity on LinkedIn, we have amassed rich and structured data of one of the most influential, affluent and highly-educated audience on the web.

We need to put the right information, to the right user at the right time.

Examples: Job Recommendation, Talent Match, News Recommendation, Companies You May Want to Follow, PYMK, Similar Profiles

Some #s:

To put things in perspective, 50% of total job applications and job views by members  are a direct result of recommendations. Interestingly, in the past year and half it has risen from 6% to 50%.

Data canonicalization is the key to accurate matching and is one of the most challenging aspects of our recommendation platform.


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