Disruptive Innovator – Tesla

What’s so different about Tesla and GM or Ford?  Well, everything.

Tesla is a classic example of a disruptive innovator, and GM/Ford are classic examples of old-guard competitors locked into sustaining innovation.  While the former is changing the market – like, say Amazon is doing in retail – the latter, entrenched fogies, keep laughing at it – like, say Wal-MartBest Buy, Circuit City and Barnes & Noble have been laughing at Amazon.

It was easy for Detroit automakers to scoff at this effort – and they did.

Like all disruptive innovators, Tesla did not initially make a product for the “mass market.”

Again, it is easy for GM to scoff.

Why didn’t, and can’t, GM, Ford or Toyota do this?

Investors are starting to “get it.”

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/adamhartung/2012/07/11/why-tesla-is-beating-gm-ford-and-toyota-at-electric-cars/#ixzz20RqjN3yr

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