6 differences between Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads

  1. Creation Flow: Page Post Ads are currently created by using either the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. Promoted Posts are created on your Facebook wall by interacting with the post that you want to feature. If you have ever created an ad with the Facebook Ads Manager, you know that it is more difficult than the few steps I outlined above to create a Promoted Post. While it may be more complicated to create a Page Post Ad, you are given more options.
  2. Who you Reach: Promoted Posts are meant to help you push your content to more of your fans who would not organically see your content in the news feed. Page Post Ads, however, with their more complicated creation flow, allow you to target users based on demographics, location, interests, and Facebook connections. If you want, you can target Page Post Ads to friends of your fans or just users who aren’t already fans of yours.
  3. Ad Location: Once you create them, Page Post Ads take a spot on that well-known right rail. Promoted Posts are seen in the news feed as if the user was seeing the post organically. The only distinction that they are seeing a story that is not organic is the notation in the bottom right corner that the story is sponsored.
  4. Post Age Limitation: Currently you are only allowed to feature a post as a Promoted Post if it is less than 3 days old. While we don’t suggest you create a Page Post Ad with content you generated months ago, you can feature any content that you have published to your page with no time limitation.
  5. Ad Lifecycle: Because of the recency metric that feeds into Facebook’s EdgeRank, Promoted Posts are only able to run for a set time frame of 3 days. While you can pause and restart the ad as much as you want, the ad will not receive impressions after it has been live for 3 days. Similar to the age limitation, it might not be the best idea to show Page Post Ads for months at a time, but you do not have a restriction for how long your ad can show.
  6. No Bids: Promoted Posts only give you a budget and an estimated reach. The “budget” is calculated by looking at the average CPM for your fan base, but you do not set a bid for your ad. With Page Post Ads, you still have the option, based on what objective you choose through the Ads Manager, to pay on a cost per click (CPC) or CPM basis and set what bid you are willing to pay per click or thousand impressions.



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