Best job posting – Product Hacker from Etsy

Etsy posted the best job posting for full stack product stacker:

Thales of Miletus was said to have been so intent on watching the stars that he fell into a well. Herein lies an invitation to join those of us, quite comfortable with this as an occupational hazard, happily contemplating from the bottom.

Etsy seeks full-stack, whole-site product hackers. These will be talented and intrinsically motivated individuals that can operate without supervision. How will you know that the job is right for you?

You consider critical thinking to be among your core competencies. Rigor is important to you. You are prone to quixotic behavior. You dedicate time and effort communicating nuance to Manichaeans. Honesty, integrity, and a firm grip on reality are much more important to you than being right. You recognize the inherent limitations of your own wetware, and you do your best to work around them. You find argument exhilarating.

You have mastered more than one technology stack in your life, and you are comfortable with the idea of mastering several more. You’re competent at high levels and low levels. But technology is a means and not the ends for you, and you don’t flinch at the idea of writing largely PHP for a living. We’re here to change people’s lives, and in that light whether this stupid thing is a LISP-1 or a LISP-2 seems irrelevant. You do know the difference between those categories, and when you’re wearing a different hat you care about it.

Most importantly for this job, it never even occurs to you that there might be someone else you could bug to fix your immediate problem. You take no dependencies. Not only are you not married to your implementation, you can name dozens of things that you frankly hate about it.

You are thoughtful, and you ship.

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