3 flavors of innovation

  • Three different flavors of innovation are defined by these quadrants:
    1. Incremental Innovation: you seek to deliver improvements to offerings you already sell to people who you understand fairly well.  Your capabilities as an organization are designed to deliver these offerings to these people.
    2. Evolutionary Innovation:  one aspect of your offering (either unfamiliar people or an unfamiliar offering space) is changing as you seek to bring new something to market, forcing you to evolve away from what you know.  Your mainstream organization will be only partially equipped to successfully innovate here.
    3. Revolutionary Innovation:  the proverbial blank sheet of paper.  Everything is new, as you don’t have a history with the offerings, nor do you understand the people here.  Your mainstream organization not only is not equipped to innovate successfully here, it won’t even see the value in innovating here.
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