Poverty line for loading time for a page

“We want you to be able to flick from one page to another as quickly as you can flick a page on a book. So we’re really aiming very, very high here… at something like 100 milliseconds.”

~Urs Hölzle, Senior VP Operations, Google

Joshua Bixby, of Strangeloop, has a great blog post on ‘poverty line’ that page needs to meet:

The performance poverty line is the plateau at which load time ceases to matter because you’ve hit close to rock bottom in terms of business metrics. If your pages are below the performance poverty line, making them a couple of seconds faster doesn’t help your business.

Observation #1: The performance poverty rate is around 8 seconds.

Observation #2: When pages are slow, business metrics suffer more today than they did two years ago.






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