Behavioral Targeting – how to get started

Behavioral Targeting may be the most underused techniques today (compared to a/b testing, multi variable testing, usability studies, etc).

  • People visit your site for different reasons (to purchase, educate on product, to just browse, by mistake, etc) and should not be treated the same
    • Landing pages today have mutiple call to action and that leads to confusion and lowers the conversion rate
  • What variables do you have?
    • Where they came from (referring URL)?
    • Location (country, state, city)
    • Device (what technology are they using)
    • Type of user (new, returning, etc)
    • Campaign (if that’s how they got to your site)
    • Search Keywords
    • Customer Data
      • Sex, age, etc –> if you have this data
  • How do you use it?
    • Insert dynamic keywords in landing pages
    • Offer based on referring URL
    • Discount for type of users (loyalty)
    • Promote facebook integration

Tools: Visual Optimizer launched a tool for this.


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