Successful Social Media Programs

Hunter Walk, has a great blog on three Cs — Content, Community, Call to Action

  1. Content
    1. It all starts with the content, the message. There’s no one right answer here as to what’s best. But you should ask yourself some questions, such as: does the content match the distribution medium, is it authentic to me, what is the emotional hook, which community segments does it connect with, will it work internationally, is it timely? If you don’t feel good about the content or it’s not resonating with your target audience, don’t push it out.
  2. Community
    1. you need to bring your community to it and ask them to help spread it to their communities.
  3. Call to Action
    1. Be clear about your call to action and weave it into your content


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One Response to Successful Social Media Programs

  1. great concepts. I find most people I work with know this all ready. Actually putting it to action is the thing that will drive your brand forward, or make you stagnant.

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