3 broad waves of innovation – Ecommerce

Syfto has a nice blog post on 3 waves of innovation in ecommerce – highlighting the lack of serendipity moments in today’s ecommerce offerings.
Wave 1: Digitization of product information, browsing, and fulfilment
  • Amazon – If you saw product X, you may also be interested in product Y where Y may be the most viewed/purchased item along with X.
Wave 2: Propelling discovery by economic compulsion (ok, by surfing the curves of indifference)
  • Groupon – discovery by providing an economic compulsion for users
Wave 3: Guided discovery – engineering serendipity
  • consumers need/want fewer choices but the right choices
    • Amazon – recommendations hint at some serendipity but is strictly dependent on user’s previous purchases,
    • Pinterest – Guided discovery only takes place along canned categories or
    • Quora – The only axis of serendipitous discovery is following people and their Questions/Answers/Boards/Posts
    • Twitter –  brings together some nice elements of guided discovery by mapping interests, people, and recent events/topics of interest to your chosen geography at city/national levels of the twitterverse.


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One Response to 3 broad waves of innovation – Ecommerce

  1. gettingmyhonor says:

    Very interesting! Have you seen http://www.fab.com? I just found out about this and it looks pretty interesting, too…sort of like Pinterest and even incorporates it into their site.

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